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A tour of the school

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The school is very big. There is a main entrance with palm trees, flowers and a fountain in the middle. The building on the right as you enter is where some Marianists live. Next to the main gate you will notice a marble statue of our founder Father Chaminade. There is also something else…something related to the name of the school… can you see it? It’s the statue of Saint Mary!

As you pass the main entrance you can see the school main building.

On the ground floor there is the kindergarten where very young kids learn and play. Kids can play outside in the playground where you can see a big courtyard. This is where we play during our lunch break or where we practice sport.

On the first floor there is the primary school where children attend their classes. Pupils study Italian, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Art, Music, English, Spanish, Religion Education, ICT, Drama and P.E.

There is also the middle school where students have their regualr lessons and carry on studying their subjects (Italian, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Art, Music, English, Spanish, Religion Eduction, ICT, Drama and P.E.). As you can see this is the ICT Lab. Here we have ICT classes, we are working on the blog to keep in touch with you.

On the first floor there is the church where we gather regularly for mass and for special

occasions and celebrations like Christmas, Easter, beginning and end of the school year.

Upstairs on the second floor there is the high school for older students. Students can choose to focus on classical subjects, on scientifc subjects or on sport.

The secondary school hosts the Science Museum. It is a very old and fascinating

museum filled with amazing things collected by Marianists from their missions in various parts of the world. Giovanni Onore is a Marianist and a professor at Quito University in Equador and thanks to him the Museum has been enriched with other interesting items. Just think, some of his students are now passionate researchers!

Have a quick look around! Don’t be scared!

On the ground floor there are also various labs, the theatre and the sport centre.

Here are the labs:

The Art lab: Here students from the middle school can draw, paint and prepare handcrafts using different materials. At the moment students are working on creating the background scene for the theatre. At the end of every school year students act in a play.

The ICT and language lab: This is mainly used by secondary school students during their language classes. As you can see there are computers, keyboards, headsets, speakers, a scanner, a printer and an overhead projector.

The Science and Technology Lab:

Here you can create different models for example of the solar system.

The Dante Reading Room: This is where readings from Dante’s Divine Comedy take place regularly. It is a cultural activity open to adults who are interested in Dante. (The Father of the Italian language and literature). A Marianist reads and explains Dante’s masterpiece.

The School shop: This is where you can buy school uniforms and other gadgets, of course they all have our school logo: a lion! Do you know what the colours of our Institute are? Yellow and blue!

The Library: Students can come here to study. As you can see there are many books, some of which are very old and valuable. Upstairs there are mainly literature books and downstairs, there mainly encyclopedia. Have a look around!

The Music Lab: Music is a very important activity at school. There is an after school Music Club (in the afternoon) where students can learn to play the piano, the violin, the drums and the guitar.

There is also a choir called “Coro Musica Viva” or “Live Music Choir”, which represents our Institute by taking part in concerts , contests and events.

The Physics and Chemistry Lab: our school has a modern and very well equipped lab where students can carry out experiments and learn about our world. There is an optical microscope and a stereo microscope.

Hey! Do you know who this man is? He is very famous and he is Italian, of course.

It’s Galileo Galilei, the founder of Modern Physics. And this man next to him in the other painting is Vincenzo Pasquale, a High School Maranist teacher who, for many years, worked on expanding and improving this lab. Cool, isn’t it?!!!

The Theatre: and this is our theatre! It is functional and welcoming and has been recently renovated. An audience of about 100 people can sit here.. This is where we perform our plays at the end of the school year.

The Sport Centre: This is where we practise swimming and P.E.

The sport centre is also popular with families, adults and children from this area. A lot of us come here after school for various sport activities and we like it very much. There are all kinds of activities: swimming, waterpolo, aquagym, basketball, gym, karate, pilates, yoga, ballet. It’s big, isn’t it?

Look, there is also a café where you can buy snacks or get a drink and sit down to chat with a friend. Outside, above the sport centre there is a football field and a tennis court.

Our sport centre is linked to various National Sport Federations.

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