My name is Alessia Ni.

I’m ten years old, I’ve got black hair and black eyes. I am Chinese but I live in Rome and I attend Santa Maria Institute .

My school is very big! There are lots of classrooms, there is a swimming pool where we go swimming on Mondays, there’s a café, there’s a library, a theatre where we perform shows at the end of the school year and last but not least, a very big church where we sometimes meet to pray or sing.

In the classroom there are fourteen pupils and we study different subjects: Italian, Maths , Science , Geography, English as a second language, French or Spanish, Music, Art, Drama lessons, P.E., History of Religions and ICT.

What I like most is when we have drama lessons and we are on stage! I love the theatre and I love going to school as well.

On Saturdays I study Chinese language with my Chinese friends. I think Chinese is easy and I like speaking in Chinese.

I also like watching TV and my favourite programs are cartoons.

I love practicing sports especially riding my bike in the park.

My favourite food is rice!


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