My name is Elisa and I’m ten years old.

The school I go to is Santa Maria Institute.

In my school I practice many sports because it hosts a very big sport centre. Inside the school there is also a cafè where I can buy a snack when I’m hungry.

The most important part of the school is the church where students, teachers and parents gather together for very special ceremonies such as Christmas or Easter or for particular school events.

My favorite subject is History and I like it because there are many interesting things to know about the past. My teacher is very good, her name is Livia. The part of History I prefer is the one that talks about the ancient Greeks but I also like ancient Egypt with its pyramids. There’s a lot to learn from the past!

I go swimming twice a week in the afternoon after school. In my free time I like playing with my friends and visiting my grandparents at week ends.

Cherries are my faourite food.


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