Updated: Feb 2, 2020


My name is Enrico D’ Ottavi Lunedei and I’ am 10 years old.

My school is in the very centre of Rome and it is called Santa Maria Institute.

Santa Maria Institute is an ancient school that dates back to the XIX century and it is made of bricks. In the main building there are four floors. The primary school is on the first floor. There is also a canteen where students have lunch. I like my school very much! It is very big: there is a swimming pool, a tennis court, a football field and a basketball court. After lunch we always have a long break and we can play outside in the schoolyard. There is also a playground where the little children can have fun. Next to the schoolyard there is a café.

We all wear blue uniforms, the colours of the school are blue and yellow and the symbol of Santa Maria Institute is the lion.

My favorite subject is Music. When I was younger I used to play the violin but now I’m studying the cello. I like classical instruments very much. During music classes we sing and play the flute but in the after school music club we can play the piano, the guitar and the drum. I love music!

My favourite food is “Lasagna”, a typical Italian dish.



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