Our school and Father Chaminade

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to tell you about our school and spend some time together.

Do you know why it is called Saint Mary Institute?

Its name recalls the one of Mother Mary. Infact the founder of our school, Father Chaminade dedicated his life to following Mary to spread the word of the Gospel to children and their families through education.

But do you know that Father Chaminade had a very troubled Life?

He was a French Catholic priest who survived persecution during the French Revolution by escaping to Spain and then, later on, founded the Society of Mary, called the Marianists, in 1817. Neverthless, during his lifetime, he founded over forty schools, with the mission of spreading the love of Jesus. He wanted teachers to accept every student from the heart without rejecting anyone as bad, because we are ALL God’s children.

He never gave up thanks to the love of God!

Guess! How many Marianist schools are there in the world today?

From France, Marianist schools and education spread to Switzerland, Austria, Italy and in 1849, also in the United States. Today, the Society of Mary is present in thirty countries on five continents including Japan, in over 100 schools with twenty-four secondary and middle schools and three universities in the United States. That’s impressive! Don’t you think?!

Every year at school we remember Father Chaminade on 22nd January with special celebrations and activities.

Here are some drawings taken from the book about Father Chaminade, illustrated by primary school students

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